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The 2021 Hearns Hobbies ACT 1/8 Off Road State Titles has been run and won, or maybe lost and broken... The weekend was a fantastic event with some great racing. The event was not with out some rain, seems like CORMCC must have offended the weather gods as we cant remember when we held an event without rain of some sort. The track crew (this includes the help from non CORMCC members) did a great job of ensuring the track was kept in great shape before and after the rain on Saturday afternoon and evening. The canteen crew provided great food all weekend including a great dinner on Saturday night that included tiramisu for desert.

CORMCC would like to thank the all the members who put in a huge effort the week before the event, the track had been heavy affected by rain in the weeks before the event making it very hard to do any track work.

The CORMCC team would like to thank all the sponsors:

CORMCC would also like to thank all the entrants for making the event fantastic and enjoyable.


Open Tuggy (EP and IC combine, 20 min Final)


2. Paul Goodie, IC (Mugen Mbx8) of MORRCC Melbourne

3. Chris Lander, IC (TLR) of Sydney

EP Buggy

1. Michael Stone (TEAM XRAY, HUDY, HEI, PROLINE, RC HOBBYLAND) of Castlehill

2. Nathan Tanti (WRC, Essential RC) of CORMCC Canberra

3. Chris Lander (Xray) of Sydney

IC Buggy

1. Craig Laughton (HB D819) of Maitland

2. Ari Bakla

(XRAY, Proline, HUDY, Much More, Intellect, KO, iM R/C, RC Hobbyland) of LRRCCC

3. Kev Lewis (Kyosho, CHR, 6 Mik, Ricky Designs) of IRC Off Road

Overall Best Junior

  1. Jimmy Horne (XRAY XB8, Team Xray Australia) of CORMCC Canberra

  2. Conner Laughton or Maitland

  3. Kye Cook (HB D819, Cookie Monster Racing Signs) of CORMCC Canberra



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